• Sizes M,L
  • Weight-large 28 grams
  • Construction material Synthetic
  • Cost $22.95

Wigwam Ultra Cool Low Cut Sock


Rating:                   7.7 / 10

Value for Money      1.8

Comfort                  1.5

Warmth                   1.3

Durability                1.4

Breathability           1.7

Wigwam Ultra Cool Low Cut Sock Review

A great choice for lightweight day walks in warm weather where cushioning is not required. These socks are probably the opposite of what you think of when looking at typical hiking socks.

They breathe well due to the minimal cushioning on the soles and lightweight mesh on the top of the feet. This creates a sock that will keep your feet relatively dry in hot weather which will limit potential blistering. These advantages are also this socks disadvantages.

As they provide minimal cushioning they aren’t really suited to carrying heavy loads, the low cut version (they also come in a longer quarter length) is very low cut which means that when used for a high cut/midcut boot the boot will rub on the ankle. This can also be an issue with many higher cut trail shoes.

If you are looking for a warmer sock that provides additional padding then consider either the  Wigwam Cool lite Hiker Pro socks or if you really feel the cold (or its winter time) then look at the Wigwam Trail Trax Pro Sock.

These socks are synthetic and have a seamless toe which means they are very comfortable. i find that they tend to last me about 200-300km but as I only wear them in hot conditions this often means a couple of years lifespan.

We like

  • A 2.5 season synthetic sock that allows your feet to breathe in hot conditions minimising blister formation.
  •  Very lightweight for the ultralight hiker

We Don't Like

  • Not suitable for cold conditions.
  • Provides minimal cushioning which means that they aren’t really suitable for carrying heavy loads
  • They tend to become loose when saturated as they don’t have as much compression as other socks
  • The low-cut version isn’t really suitable with high cut footwear as the shoe will rub where the sock ends. great for low cut footwear

Best Uses

  • Day hikes carry light loads in hot conditions
  • For the gram weenies

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You can purchase the Wigwam Ultra Cool Low Cut Sock from Wild Earth or Wildfire Sports.

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$22.95 AUD

Other Versions

These socks are also available in a quarter length. Wigwam also produces a wide range of other socks for hiking and other outdoor activities including:



This review was done with product purchased from a retail store by the reviewer

Black/grey/green is the most common colour for this sock. Other colours are available if you look hard enough

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