• Weight size XL 49 Grams
  • Construction material Wool/synthetic blend
  • Cost $31.95

Wigwam Trail Trax Pro Socks


Rating:                   8.7 / 10

Value for Money      1.8

Comfort                  1.7

Warmth                   1.8

Durability                1.8

Breathability           1.6

Wigwam Trail Trax Pro Socks

When conditions are cold and sweating feet is not an issue I will shift from the Wigwam Cool lite Hiker Pro socks to the Wigwam Trail Trax Pros. The Trail Trax Pros go from being a full synthetic sock to one that contains a mix of wool to increase the padding in the sock as well as the warmth factor. As someone who has a high tolerance to cold I find that the Trail Trax Pros too warm during the hotter months.

In picking up the additional warmth these socks loose breathability which is why they score the same as the the lighter Wigwam Cool lite Hiker Pro socks, but for different reasons trading warmth for breathability which won’t be a problem in cold weather.

The sock is readily available but only in a ‘quarter length’ and comes in a range of darker colours that may suit some people particularly if hiking in muddier conditions.

These socks are a synthetic and wool blend and have a seamless toe which means they are very comfortable.

For me there are three negatives with these socks:

  1. They don’t come in a crew length which for a warmer sock is strange as it feels cold due to draft
  2. They are too warm for the majority of the hiking I do but this won’t be an issue for most hikers
  3. They have limited compression on the foot and while they don’t become as loose as the Wigwam Cool lite Hiker Pro socks when saturated they still do loosen up a bit too much so I take them off prior to crossing waterways

Being a thick sock they can take longer to dry so if using these particularly in the colder months I carry three pairs to ensure I always have a dry pair.

These socks will last me about 300-400 km of hard wet trail conditions.

We Like

  • Synthetic / wool blend that keeps you warm in all but the coldest conditions
  • Very durable so will last you on the longest of trails
  • A 2.5 season sock suited to all but the coldest or warmest conditions

We Don't Like

  • Not really suitable in hot weather as they will cause your feet to sweat potentially creating blisters
  • They tend to become loose when saturated as they don’t have as much compression as other sock brands
  • Only available in ‘quarter’ length

Best Uses

  • A great sock for the colder parts of the year

Buy One

You can purchase the Wigwam Trail Trax Pro Socks online from Wild Earth or Wildfire Sports or Amazon

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$31.95 AUD

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This review was done with product purchased from a retail store by the reviewer

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