• Packed Weight 1.76kg
  • Internal dimensions 200cm long X 127cm wide
  • Internal Height 100cm at its highest
  • Internal Floor Area 2.7 square metres
  • Vestibule Area 1.62 square metres
  • Cost $1149.00

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2P Tent



Rating: 8.5 / 10
Value for Money 1.7 / 2
Comfort 1.9 / 2
Weight 1.6 / 2
Durability 1.7 / 2
Versatility 1.6 / 2

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2P Tent Review

MSR tents are one of the best known brands worldwide and over the nearly 50 years of operation, have garnered a name for producing high quality equipment, in particular their extensive tent range. Probably their best known, and best selling tent model over the years, has been their MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2P Tent. I was given the opportunity to try this tent out and while there is no such thing as the ‘perfect tent’ for every situation, I would be quite happy using the Hubba Hubba in most situations.

Lets look at the negatives first. In trialing this tent I really only came across three negatives. The first which I must admit is me being a bit pernickety is this isn’t an ultralight tent but in all fairness to MSR, they don’t make this claim. It is however a lightweight tent weighing in with all inclusions at 1.72kg. Tents that fit into this 1-2kg weight range are not cheap and the MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2P is certainly not a budget tent at AUD $1,149 RRP. (Have a look at the various suppliers below because they all offer great deals from time to time.) However I’m a strong believer in ‘you get what you pay for’ and MSR as a company is responsible for producing many of the features that the cheap knock-off tents now copy. MSR also uses durable high quality products that mean long after the cheap tents have died, this one will still be going.

The last negative for me is the tent only comes with six (6) pegs which means that if you are planning on camping in overly windy conditions you will need some additional pegs and guy line to fully secure it. Nearly all tent manufacturers that provide pegs with their tents include a basic set of pegs and allow you to ‘option up’ at your own expense. I’m a big believer in MSR tent pegs and consider them to be some of the best on the market. For a number of years now I have been in the habit of carrying a variety of tent pegs including some MSR Blizzard Sand Stake tent pegs as well as some MSR Groundhog Stakes to provide extra security in loose or overly wet/muddy conditions. I have even been known to use them on tent platforms that are now a feature of a number of well known trails.

Now to the posatives, and there are plenty. This tent in its current configuration is a maroon and light whitish-grey tent that is reasonably unassuming in the landscape (upcoming models will also come in a light greenish colour).

The tent shape is dome shaped when you include the side vestibules with the internal tent being rectangular in shape. One thing to note is that while many tent manufacturers make their tents with dedicated ‘head’ and ‘foot’ ends, MSR make most of their tents rectangular inside meaning that you have extra space at the end your feet are at and if you don’t feel like sleeping both people at the same end, you have the ability to top and toe. In fact this tent assumes that you may be sleeping head to toe and puts a very decent gear pocket at each end of the tent along with a ventilation window.

The internal dimension of this tent is 200 cm x 127 cm at each end which provides plenty of space. Even in a bulky sleeping bag at 188 cm (6’2”) I’m not pressing on the tent ends. The head room is also decent for the average  person. The internal tent has a mix of fly mesh as well as solid material so if you are using the tent without the fly you have a reasonable degree of privacy.

The doors on the Hubba Hubba are the next thing to mention. They are ‘D’ shaped doors. Before trialing this tent I hadn’t used this type of door configuration before having only shifted from using front opening tents in the last few years. I love the side opening doors partictulary when sharing a tent, and I’m now a convert to ‘D’ shaped doors – I just found it easier to get in and out of the tent without having to open the doors fully.

The fly is a light grey colour and provides reasonable privacy when the light is on inside the tent. The fly was also a surprise for me as I have been used to having the fly open in the middle of the tent. In the MSR Hubba Hubba, the fly opens towards the sleeping end which means that your access is near your head which provides maximum storage for your gear in the vestibule.

The tent has a shallow bathtub loop and the material is a 30 Denier ripstop nylon that just feels robust. The tent material itself is probably the reason it’s not as lightweight as some of its competitors. This slightly heavier material used all round means you are less likely to damage this tent in average hiking conditions. If you do camp in rough places then this is another reason to use the Hubba Hubba. I would be very happy to use the tent as it comes and would only worry about using the optional footprint in conditions where damage is likely to occur such as on the Larapinta Trail.

So would I purchase this tent as my two person option? Definitely, even though there are lighter options on the market, the build quality of the MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2P as well as the versatility means this tent will last you for many years and provide the shelter you need all in all but the most extreme conditions.

We Like

  • Freestanding, which allows the tent to be erected on a variety of surfaces with minimal tie off points. The tent can be erected with just the fly or just the inner mesh as a bug screen. The setup options accommodate a choice of sleeping arrangements including camping platforms, depending on the weather and your personal preferences
  • The tent foot print also forms part of the system and fits together like a ‘Lego set’
  • The fly can be deployed without the footprint. Many other tents rely on you purchasing the fly in addition to the tent to achieve this
  • Lightweight construction helps reduce the weight in your pack
  • Two side openings, one for each user reduces partner disturbance when you go out at night allowing for a better sleep
  • Side openings are ‘D’ shaped providing a better entry and exit experience
  • The main body of the tent is an even mix of mesh and fabric that helps to reduce condensation but also provides a level of privacy if you aren’t using the fly
  • Easy to erect so you can set up fast and get out of wet weather thereby keeping you drier
  • Twin tent vestibules, which easily accommodates your pack at your side of the tent allowing you to access your gear without disturbing your partner
  • Two good sized gear mesh pockets (one at each end of the tent ) to store the small pieces of equipment making them easier to find when you need them
  • Two fly vents, one each end, which allows for maximum airflow in wet conditions
  • Durashield™-coated rainfly and bathtub-style floor construction that keeps you dry. The floor is 30 Denier ripstop nylon
  • Optional gear shed if you want to increase the storage
  • Compression stuff sack to keep the packed tent small
  • Reflective guylines
  • Symmetrical floor plan to provide versatility in how you sleep. Ideal if hiking with someone you don’t want to get too close with
  • Tent zips operate freely and for me less likely to snag when operated than other lighter weight tents

We Don't Like

One of the world’s best selling tents but every tent has flaws:

  • Marginally heavier than its competitors but with that comes robustness and durability
  • An expensive tent but one that you would expect to be using many years after purchase with loads of features
  • Only comes with six (6) tent pegs but that’s not unusual for many tents on the market. If you are camping in extreme conditions you will need additional pegs and guylines

Best Uses

  • Three season hiking
  • Lightweight backpacking
  • Particularly useful when hiking with someone and you want some physical separation

Buy One

You can purchase the MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2P Tent online or from Macpac or from Snowys

Disclosure:  We may earn a small commission, at no additional expense to you, if you click through and make a purchase. Please note that our affiliations do not influence, in any way, the independence of our reviews. If we don’t like a product, you’ll hear about it from us!

If you have used the MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2P Tent or if you have questions, we’d like to hear from you. Post your comment or question below


AUD $1,149 – sometimes available at a much cheaper price so look around

Other Versions

MSR also produce a range of other tents both lighter and heavier than the Hubba Hubba in a range of different capacities inluding

  • MSR Freelite
  • MSR Carbon Reflex
  • MSR Elixir

Tent set up in Kosciuszko National Park and closed up for an impending storm that hit just after I took this photo

The fly opening which includes zip and velcro is visible just below the MSR logo. Many tents put the fly opening vertically towards the middle of the tent but this configuration allows very easy entry and exits to the tent, and better gear storage options. One of the many small features that add up to making a great tent

MSR with fly open and rolled back into the middle. Most tents open from the middle and roll to the edge. This is a small detail but well thought out. In addition you can see the moroon coloured bathtub floor

MSR Huba Hubba NX 2P Tent dimensions. You can sleep the same way or head to toe with this symmetrical design

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2P gear pocket and vent

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2P without Fly. There is still plenty of privacy if you are sleeping without the fly

MSR Tent pole socket and tie down. The standard tent pegs are the MSR


This review was done with product supplied for testing by the Australian distributor of MSR

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