• Weight 51 grams
  • Lifespan 12,000 strikes
  • Cost $19.95

MSR Dry Clothesline Kit



Rating:                   8.7 / 10

Value for Money      1.8

Versatility               2.3

Weight                   2.3

Durability                2.3

MSR Dry Clothesline Kit Review

The MSR Dryline Kit is essentially a clothesline and if you think about this product simply in those terms then for the sake of 25 grams in weight, this is a great little product. One thing to note is that the correct name for this product from MSR is the ‘Dry Line Kit’ but many stores will add ‘clotheslines’ to the name just to save on confusion.

As is typical with MSR the 3.6 metres of cord is reflective and hip quality so even with the smallest amount of light this cord is extremely visible during the night … minimising the potential to be an extra trip hazard as you get up and answer the call of nature. The other big bonus with this line is that it comes as a complete system with an adjustable hook system for setting up, as well a five hanging hooks so all you need to do is drag it out of your pack and in a matter minutes its ready to go.

The downside of this product is the price which sits just under $20. Having said that while you could assemble something more cheaply to do the same job, the MSR Dryline is a high quality option that requires no assembly or fiddling around and offers lots of great little features.

I have been chasing a clothesline to take on my longer hikes for a while and this one will get lots of use.

We Like

  • Ultralight
  • Reflective cord makes it reasonably trip proof at night
  • The cord can be used for a number of purposes
  • Adjustable length
  • All in one package that includes the line and clips

We Don't Like

  • Could be cheaper

Best Uses

  • On longer hikes where you need to dry, wash/dry your fabric products

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You can purchase the MSR Dry Clothesline Kit from Wild Earth

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$19.95 AUD

MSR Dryline Kit as purchased

MSR Dry Line Kit out of the packet

Hanging hooks up close


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