• Weight 2.3 Grams
  • Uses/card Approximately 8
  • Cost/use 75 cents- $1.25
  • Cost $4.50

Lush Wash Card

Body care


Rating: 8.9 / 10
Value for Money 2.3 / 2.5
Value for Money 1.9 / 2.5
Ease of Use 2.2 / 2.5
Weight 2.5 / 2.5

Lush Wash Card Review

My hiking style tends towards ‘dirtbag'(unkempt), particularly on long trips and I do tend to end up smelling; at least that’s what Gill tells me. While I wipe myself down as best I can on a daily basis and try to keep as clean as possible it’s hard to keep smelling fresh, particularly when water is limited.

I recently reviewed Lush Toothy tabs and as part of my delivery I received a sample wash card and was intrigued thinking that this may an option to keep me smelling less and feeling cleaner on longer trips.

Lush is a company that tries to ‘do right’ by the environment so this soap paper is actually made from melon pulp which is a waste product resulting from juice extraction used for other products. Technically this is fruit leather although I wouldn’t attempt to eat it.

I experimented with this product and used it in two different ways. Initially I used the whole sheet and managed to get myself clean and fresh smelling for 6 full body washes. Next I cut the sheets in 4 pieces and I managed to get good results on the cleaning front with the small card disintegrating. Ultimately if your out bush for a period I would probably suggest cutting each card into 3-4 pieces so that it becomes a single use product and you don’t have to put the wet card back into your toiletry bag. If the used card hasn’t disintegrated then you can throw it into your rubbish bag which will make that smell better which is always a bonus. I would suggest trying the different sizings out out home to see what suits you.

At $4.50/ card this is definitely dear than using a small soap bar however its about as lightweight as you can get (short of not using soap at all). As is always the case with hiking equipment the lighter a product tends to get the dearer it becomes.

To use this products wet you skin down as best as you can and use it as you would a soap bar. If you are going to reuse this put it somewhere flat that it can dry out or back into a small ziplock bag.

I bought 14 different cards at the time of testing and while they all have their own scents I think once you apply it to yourself I don’t think that there is a huge amount of difference; but I’m sure those with more sensitive noses will be able to tell. Lush also put out special scented cards every so often so it will depend on where your store is located and what is available in stock.

My description below was how I found the scents on each of these cards and you may have different opinions but it’s hard to tell when in store due to the overpowering fragrance coming from the rest of the product. The following varieties are as tested by Australian Hiker:

  • Sun: Almost citrusy
  • Lust: Strong Floral
  • Breath of God: Mild spice
  • Sikkim Girls: Incense-spice
  • Vanillary: Strong vanilla
  • Karma: Medium Floral with a hint of citrus
  • Dirty: Mild floral/herb scent
  • What Would  Love Do: Very mild floral
  • Rentless: Medium floral- spice
  • Amelie Mae: Mild floral
  • Smugglers Soul: Mild floral

New options are always being released

Lush Wash Cards

We Like

  • Ultra Light in weight at just over 2 grams each. Each whole card will last around 5-6 washes
  • Leaves you feeling clean and smelling fresh
  • Environmentally friendly

We Don't Like

  • Not the cheapest option

Best Uses

  • Great for those wanting to minimise pack weight but staying clean and fresh at the same time

Buy One

You can purchase the Lush Wash Cards from Lush online or in store

Please note we have no affiliations  associated with this product. I just like it and want to spread the word.

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$4.50 AUD RRP

Full card in use. It does produce a lather

Lush Wash Cards as purchased

Quarter card in use. I found that in using 1/4 of card it disintegrated but only after washing my whole body. You may find that cutting the card into 1/2 or 1/3 may suits your uses better so try this out at home before taking it on a hike

Full card after 6 full body washes. I probably could have gotten one more wash out of this


This review was done with product purchased by Australian Hiker

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