• Weight 103 grams
  • Cap size Wide cap: 63 mm / narrow cap: 43 mm
  • Filter length 186 mm
  • Filter lifetime 3,800 litres
  • Cost $64.90

LifeStraw Universal Water Bottle Filter



Rating: 8.1 / 10
Value for Money 1.4 / 2
Ease of Use 1.8 / 2
Weight 1.6 / 2
Durability 1.5 / 2
Filter Speed 1.8 / 2

LifeStraw Universal Water Filter Review

Typically the only time I use hard water bottles is when I do shorter day hikes and when I carry enough water for the duration of the hike. In this sense I appreciate I am in the minority given the majority of hikers I pass carrying bottles on their trip regardless of length. While water bottles carry water well, they don’t do anything about removing particulates or nasty bugs.

If you are a keen water bottle user then the option exists to use a filter bottle instead. If you are in the market for a new water carrying device then purchasing a filter bottle is a good way to go. But if you already own water bottles, and we own several, then rather than purchasing a new standalone filter bottle a great alternative is to retrofit an existing bottle with the LifeStraw Universal Water Bottle Filter.

This kit comes with a filter input good for around 3,800 litres of water, two water bottle caps to fit a 43 mm or 63 mm bottle cap, filter cartridge, carry bag, instructions and cap stopper. The image below shows my water bottle, which has a 63 mm thread. I just removed the cap that came with the bottle and replaced it with the LifeStraw Universal Water Filter. The filter unit is 186 mm long so will suit most standard water bottles.

This filter is about as easy as it gets. You just plug the filter unit into the cap of choice, screw the cap on and suck water out of the silicone nipple. There are three things to be aware of though. Like any internal type of straw mechanism, you need to make sure the filter is secure as it relies on a vacuum seal so I would suggest you check that it is secure each time you top up your water. Secondly, an issue with this as well as any other particulate filter, is that if your water source is dirty then using a pre filter of some sort is a good option. Lastly if you have a water bottle that has an attached, non removable cap then the bottle will become a bit cumbersome.

Weight wise this filter is not the lightest on the market but given you are adding the weight of the filter and the new cap (103 grams) but removing the weight of your existing cap it balances out well when compared to other lighter weight options. As mentioned, the filter unit itself will do around 3800 litres which is not a lot when compared to other types of filters but when it is time to replace the filter you can easily add a new cartridge for around $32. For most people that may be at around 1-2 years.

So if you are a bottle user and want to add a filter option then have a look at this alternative. Just make sure your existing bottle will fit one of the two caps that come with this filter.

We Like

  • Converts existing water bottles to a water filter
  • Very easy to use
  • Reduces chemical content in the water along with bacteria and protozoa
  • Will suit the most common water bottle sizes

We Don't Like

  • Not a dislike as such but most water filters that remove solids will perform better with a pre filter to remove the worst of the grit
  • Filter unit can dislodge from the cap so check it each time you refill to ensure it stays in place

Best Uses

Great for hikers with an existing water bottle who want to convert it to a filter bottle

Buy One

You can purchase the LifeStraw Universal Water Filter from Wildfire Sports

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AUD $64.90 RRP

What’s in the box? 43 mm and 63 mm bottle cap, filter cartridge, bag, instructions and cap stopper

Camelbak Eddy+ .75 litre Water Bottle with LifeStraw bottle filter cap attached


This review was done by product provided by the Australian distributor of LifeStraw

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