• Weight 20 grams
  • Cost $24.95

Lifeadventure Ultra-Lightweight Titanium Long Handled Spoon


Rating:    8.5 / 10

Value for Money    1.8

Comfort                2.4

Weight                  2.0

Durability              2.3

Lifevadventure Ultra-Lightweight Titanium Long Handled Spoon Review

Whenever I travel to Melbourne I always spend a morning trawling the outdoor stores on Little Bourke Street looking for that next toy to buy. Sometimes I spend up big but most of the time it’s just the unusual accessory I’m seeking to further refine my kit. A recent trip to Melbourne was no different and I came across the Lifeventure Ultra-Lightweight Titanium long handled spoon. I had been looking for something like this for three years and it will now replace my much loved Sea to Summit Alpha light long handled spoon as my go to eating implement.

I don’t do any full-on food preparation on the trail preferring to rehydrate commercial or home prepared meals, and I also don’t use plates or bowls anymore so only need a spoon or spork to get food from the meal bag or peanut butter jar to my mouth. I have large hands and find many other smaller implements such as Sporks or short handled spoons annoying as I’m either eating with an uncomfortable handle or a short handle covered in food. I don’t usually require a knife to cut my food and find that if I need to spread something like peanut butter or dips, then the spoon will work fine.

As mentioned I have for the last three years being using the Sea to Summit Alpha light long handled spoon as my implement of choice but always found that it had one main drawback and that was the matt titanium finish on the spoon head. This matt finish makes it difficult to get the last of the food off and means you need to work hard to remove food or else do a formal washing which is just plain annoying. Not being able to easily clean the spoon is a potential health hazard particularly on longer hikes.

Enter the Lifeventure Ultra-Lightweight Titanium Long Handled Spoon. This spoon has a matt finish titanium handle like many others but in addition has a polished surface on the spoon head which means the issue of leftover food is all but gone which was the only real concern I had with the Sea to Summit Alpha light long handled spoon, problem fixed.

The Lifeventure spoon works equally well for those with small hands so there is no real disadvantage. Typically when Gill and I hike as a couple and are eating commercally prepared meals out of a bag, we will share this spoon for dinner purely because of the long handle. Very cosy I know!

However, there are some negatives with this spoon. If you have read any of my other blog posts or listened to the Australian Hiker Podcasts you will know I am trying to become an ultralight hiker. But rather than being a gram weeny I am willing to sacrifice weight for comfort, or function based on purely my own subjective criteria and this spoon is a good example. The Sea to Summit alternative is truly lightweight by any measure weighing just a measly 12 grams. In comparison, the Lifeventure Ultra-Lightweight Titanium Long Handled Spoon is a spoon on steroids at a massive 20 grams (I jest) and here’s where I’m willing to make the weight sacrifice, just an additional eight grams for a shiny head spoon is a worthwhile trade off from my perspective.

The real negative to this spoon is the price coming in at $24.95. I may be wrong but I think this is possibly the most expensive hiking spoon on the Australian market. Having said that I expect this spoon to last for many years to come.

We Like

  • Relatively lightweight at only 20 grams. You won’t even notice this in your pack
  • The polished spoon head is very easy to keep clean which means you won’t leave caked on food to become a health hazard, partilualy over longer trips.
  • The size of this spoon takes up very little room. Ideal for the ultra-lighters who want to lighten their load and increase their enjoyment on the trail
  • Large handle suits those of us with big hands or those who don’t want to get themselves covered in food when eating from bags. That means less mess
  • Heat resistant construction means you can use it for cooking duties
  • Can be used to spread things like peanut butter onto bread.  Why carry a knife?

We Don't Like

  • It’s a spoon and while it can be used to spread things on bread you can’t really use it to cut up anything like steak
  • As spoons go this is on the dearer end, if not the dearest of the pricing scale at $24.95

Best Uses

  • Ultralight backpacking
  • People with small or large hands

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You can purchase the Lifeadventure Ultra-Lightweight Titanium Long Handled Spoon online from Bogong Equipment

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$24.95 AUD

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This image shows the spoon from the back

I have reasonably large hands and this very long handle provides plenty of grip to get comfortable or to reach the bottom of a dehydrated meal bag without getting covered in food


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