• Weight including mini carabiner 23 grams
  • Colours Blue or Purple
  • Towel size 39cm X 39cm
  • Cost $10.99

Escape Microfibre Towel


Rating:       9.0/10

Value for Money       2.1

Versatility                2.0

Durability                2.4

Weight                    2.5

Escape Microfibre Towel Review

It’s always handy to have a towel of some sort to dry yourself off for when you get wet either by design or by accident. I started using the Escape Towel on a multi week hike and wanted something as compact and lightweight as I could find. This little towel is around the size of an egg when packed and weight in at 23grams which includes a small metal carabiner which you can always take off to reduce the weight even further.

This towel is by no means a modesty towel, is does one job only, which is to dry you off. It does however do this well. The towel itself lives in a small pouch which it’s attached to in one corner by a small plastic clip. You can unclip it if you really want and I probably would do so if I was sopping wet but usually I just leave the little storage bag on, dry myself and once the towel has dried off which only take a a matter of minutes on a warm day, I put it away.

The most complex thing about this towel is finding somewhere to purchase it a it tends to be one of those counter ‘spur of the moment’  products so you may find that your local outdoor stores stocks it without making a big deal about it. The easiest place to find this is a BCF and you can either order online or just drop in the next time you are going past and pick one up.

We Like

  • Ultralight at 23 grams, lighter is you remove the carabiner
  • Extremely compact

We Don't Like

  • Not really usable as a modesty towel. Its main purpose is to dry you off which is does well

Escape Towel as purchased

Escape Microfibre Towel

Best Uses

Escape towel blue

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You can purchase the Escape Towel from BCF

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$10.99 AUD


This review was done with product purchased in-store by Australian Hiker