• Dry Weight 100 grams or 1 kg

Campers Pantry Freeze Dried Fruit



Rating:                          9.4 / 10

Value for Money              2.2 / 2.5

Taste                              2.4 / 2.5

Convenience                   2.3 / 2.5

Weight                            2.5 / 2.5

Freeze dried fruit has been a staple snack and meal additive for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts for many years now and for me forms part of my breakfast regime. While the small 10-15 gram packets are available from both outdoor stores and supermarkets, Campers Pantry has introduced 100 gram and 1 kg sizings to supplement this existing range –  a great option on those extended trips or for bigger groups.

If you are purchasing the 100 gram and 1 kg packs they are not cheap but when compared to the tiny packs already on the market, per gram they are exceptionally good value. Due to the larger size of these bags, you won’t want to carry too many of them. The 1 kg bags in particular will take up too much space in your pack so if you want variety over a longer trip then stick to the 100 gram sizing and save the 1 kg bags for large groups. If you do go for the 1kg bags then ‘decant’  so you are just taking what you need on a hike.  Make sure you keep the remainder in a good airtight container otherwise the fruit will absorb moisture and start to swell.  This is the reason why Campers Pantry makes up the 1 kg bags to order.

If you haven’t eaten freeze dried fruit before it is a great crispy snack and when added to oats or yogurt and rehydrated it becomes easily recognisable as the original fruit – this is always a bonus on the trail.

Campers Pantry Banana Slices

Freeze dried banana is a rarity and the Campers Pantry Freeze Dried Banana is lethal. The first time I tried this I was sitting down doing some podcasting snacking on a 100 gram bag (that’s 1 kg of fresh banana!) and in the space of about 20 minutes, I had eaten the entire packet without realising; that’s 351 calories. This is my favourite out of the batch. Crispy, morrish and oh so easy to demolish. Great as a snack or in overnight oats (351 calories/100grams dried).

Campers Pantry Freeze Dried Banana

Campers Pantry Strawberries

As far as Freeze Dried Strawberries go these are the best ones I’ve had. They just seem to have a bit of extra taste over and above what is available on the market (371 calories/100grams dried).

Campers Pantry Freeze Dried Strawberries

Campers Pantry Mango

My favourite after the banana and one that forms a key part of my Overnight Oats breakfasts. Just like the banana, it is very easy to eat a 100 gram packet in one sitting if you are not careful. Crunchy and not too sweet (351 calories/100grams dried).

Campers Pantry Freeze Dried Mango

Campers Pantry Pear

The Campers Pantry Freeze Dried Pear is likely different to what you may have had in this past but in a good way. Rather than being sliced like most other brands on the market, Campers Pantry pears come in chunks which strangely enough makes a difference. While not as high on my list as the banana or mango, for me this one provides variety on my longer trips (781 calories/100grams dried).

Campers Pantry Blueberries

Freeze Dried Blueberries are something I only really eat in my breakfast cereal and it’s not something you come come across as a regular snack. This is a different taste option to provide some variety to hiking menu.

Campers Pantry Blueberries and Banana

Campers Pantry Apple

Freeze Dried Apple was the original freeze dried fruit and is still one of the most popular. I dislike  commercially dried apple and much prefer this freeze dried version instead.

We Like

  • These freeze dried fruits are about as lightweight as you get
  • High calorie content to weight
  • Great as a standalone snack or as part of a breakfast or dessert
  • A natural sugar hit without having to resort to chocolate
  • A wide range to provides variety to your snacks

We Don't Like

  • Not much – these are great products

Best Uses

  • Great as a breakfast or dessert addition or as a standalone snack

Buy One

You can purchase the Campers Pantry Freeze Dried Fruit varieties from from Campers Pantry

If you have tasted the Campers Pantry Freeze Dried Fruit varieties or if you have questions, we’d like to hear from you. Post your comment or questions below

Please note that our affiliations do not influence, in any way, the independence of our gear reviews. If we don’t like a product, you’ll hear about it from us!

The Range

Campers Pantry Apple

Campers Pantry Blueberries

Campers Pantry Mango

Campers Pantry Pear

Campers Pantry Strawberries


$9.95-$15.95 AUD for the 100 gram size

$67.95-$142.95 AUD for the 1 kg size


This review was done with sample product provided by Campers Pantry

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