• Weight 97 grams

Black Diamond ReVolt


Rating:       8.1 / 10

Value for Money          1.7

Ease of use                1.5

Battery Life                 1.6

Weight                       1.6

Beam Quality              1.7

Black Diamond ReVolt Review

With so many headlamps currently available on the market we are spoilt for lighting choice when hiking. Over the past 15 months I have come to the realisation that there is no one perfect light and for me and this has meant I now have a two-lighting arsenal I work between. The Black Diamond ReVolt and the Petzl E+Lite. Which light I use will depend on the following questions:

  • Will I be hiking at night or am I just hanging around camp?
  • How well do I know the trail?
  • What condition is the trail in; is it easy to locate and follow, or could it be dangerous in the dark?
  • Is there a full, reasonably full moon?
  • Will I miss too much scenery by travelling at night?
  • Do I need an high intensity beam?

If I plan on night hiking in an unfamiliar area and the trail is potentially questionable then my light of choice is the Black Diamond ReVolt.

My main reason for purchasing the revolt was as the name suggests, this headlamp comes with rechargable batteries and can be recharged with a battery pack, mains power, solar panel or just about any other options provided you can plug the USB cable into a power source. This headlamp can also be run on AAA batteries in addition to the included rechargeable batteries.

Battery life will vary depending on the mode you use with Black Diamond claiming a burn time between 80-300 hours depending on the lighting mode that type of battery. In real life, good quality light will be provided for about ten hours on ‘hi beam’ mode and longer when using the lower light options. For most people who use their torch in a lower power mode for 2-3 hours a night, the batteries are likely to last 3-4 nights quite comfortably between recharges. My wife used this light on a two-week trip late last year for about an hour/night and didn’t need to recharge at all. It’s also a great option for extended trips where you don’t want to carry extra batteries. For me I will top up the batteries at home using mains power and on an extended trip use a portable power pack if necessary.

This lamp also has a battery life indicator on the side of the headlamp that shows on start up so you will know how low your charge is getting as the trip goes on and when you need to recharge.

The light provided by this headlamp while not the brightest on the market is still pretty strong and for most people you will not need the ‘hi beam’ mode unless you are doing some serious night time way finding. Light most headlamps the torch angle is adjustable so you can ensure your beam is focused where you need it and you wont blind your fellow hikers. The beam is brighter when used with non-rechargeable batteries as is the case with just about any light. Black Diamond claim a high power beam of about 70 metres but at this distance the light is very weak at the furthest point.

The weight of this lamp is reasonably typical for a light running thee AAA batteries and while not overly heavy I do notice this when I switch from using my Petzl E+ Lite which is almost weightless at under 30 grams in weight.

I must admit the pressure switches, which the majority of headlamps now use, to be annoying particularly when you use more than one light. I usually forget the mode sequence when I swap to another light and have to remember how many seconds or how long to push to get my light choice.

There are cheaper an brighter options on the market however the Black Diamond ReVolt can best be classed as a good allrounder that does everything well and has an excellent battery life which is better than most other similar lights available. I have been very happy with this purchase and am happy to recommend this partially or those doing longer trips where battery life is an issue.

We Like

  • Battery life up to approximately ten hours on ‘high beam’ mode, longer for lower light options. This will last most people comfortably through a two-week trip unless you are doing some extended night time reading!
  • The ability to recharge means that unless you are doing some really long nights you can top up this torch while you sleep and its ready to go the next day – no extra batteries needed.
  • Up to 70 metres of good visibility on ‘high beam’ provides excellent vision at night when way finding keeping you safe on the trail
  • A range of lighting choices that will provide just the right amount o light for any circumstance. Light modes:
    • One TriplePower LED
    • Two SinglePower white LEDs
    • Two SinglePower red LEDs that provides a great set of lighting choices and will keep you on your path when hiking in unfamiliar territory
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries that can be recharged through any power source connected to a mini USB. This keeps your ongoing power cost to a minimum
  • The red night-vision mode provides low level light when you don’t want to fry the wildlife and a locater beacon when you want to be seen
  • Lock mode can be engaged during travel to ensuring that you don’t flatten your batteries when the lamp is in the pack meaning you will have instant access to light when you need
  • Three-level power meter shows remaining battery life for three seconds after switching on headlamp. This provide you with ahead on how long your batteries are likely to last
  • Water resistant providing all weather use

We Don't Like

For me there is only one minor negative which is common to many light options on the market:

  • The pressure switches that many headlamps have in common these days take a little while to getting used to. Choosing the right lighting setting is a bit of trial and error when you first use this light

Best Uses

Great night hiking light for when battery availability is an issue. Can be easily recharged off a battery pack or solar panel

Buy One

You can purchase the Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp online from Wild Earth or Wildfire Sports or Amazon

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$119.00 AUD

Other Versions

Black Diamond produces a large range of headlamps and adds new models on a regular basis


This review was done with product purchased from a retail store by the reviewer

Black Diamond ReVolt rechargeable headlamp

Black Diamond ReVolt rechargeable headlamp with the recharge cable plugged in. This light can be recharged through mains power with a mini USB, through solar panels or a battery pack. Great for those longer trips when accessing power is an issue

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