• Colour Pink, Black or Light Blue
  • Weight 495 g per pair for size 9 US
  • Cost $194.90

Altra Intuition 4.5 Women’s Shoe



Total                 9.3 / 10

Value for Money           1.9

Durability                    1.8

Comfort                      1.9

Weight                        1.8

Support/Stability         1.9

Altra Intuition 4.5 Women's Shoe

This is a little bit of diversion from a gear review about hiking kit however, we all need to stay fit between our hiking adventures, don’t we? To do that I do a combination of road running, circuit training and weights. I have been wearing Innov8 FLite during my exercise routine for a number of years and I loved them. They are low profile, zero drop and super lightweight. The only problem was the absence of padding which, after several years of road running, was starting to impact heavily on my heels and knees. So much so, my heels in particular were often sore. Not good for running and definitely not a joy during longer hikes.

So I went looking for another zero drop, lightweight running shoe. Since I wear Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Neoshell Low hiking shoes (which I love), I thought why not give Altra’s running shoes a go. So after a bit of research (there are a lot of Altra running shoes available and a lot of information to wade through) I settled on the Intuition 4.5 running shoes primarily because of the mesh uppers and the colour – what can I say, shoes have to look good.

And I love, love them!

Not only did I get all the features of a zero drop running shoe, I also got the benefits of deep cushioning and a super wide toe box that is perfect for my wide foot. The zero drop ensures my heel and forefoot are the same distance from the ground which encourages a low-impact running form. Altra’s Fit4Her™ technology means their shoes are designed for the unique anatomy of the female foot. Another feature are the grid-like grooves in the midsole which allow my foot to flex while also reducing the shoe weight.

These running shoes are so comfortable, I wear them often – they have become the running shoe I continue to wear all day! In the past, my running shoes have only ever been for running because once the exercise was done, they just weren’t comfy enough.

The Altra Intuition 4.5 shoes have achieved everything I needed – a great running shoe that is lightweight, roomy around the toes and provides plenty of cushioning to take the load off my heels and knees. So do yourself a favour and try out a pair for yourself!

We Like

  • Stylish design, and great colours
  • Roomy toe box
  • Ample cushioning for extra comfort
  • Design with the female foot in mind
  • Zero drop so you can run the way we are designed
  • Attached tongue which eliminates slipping under the laces

We Don't Like

  • The sole is designed for urban surfaces and is not suitable for trail running – Altra does have plenty of trail running options
  • The retail price is $199 which may not suit everyone’s budget but you will often find them on sale

Best Uses

  • Running, gym-ing, weight training, cross training…
  • Urban walking

Buy One

You can purchase Altra Intuition 4.5 Women’s Shoe online from  Amazon Australia

If you live in the USA you can also try Amazon USA

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Other Versions

Altra has a wide range of road and trail running shoes from which to choose

Altra Intuition 4.5

Altra Intuition 4.5 – view of the sole

Altra Intuition 4.5 – front and rear view

Insole cushioning – lots of cushioning

Altra Intuition 4.5 insert

Altra Intuition 4.5 – top view


This review was done with product purchased from a retail store by Australian Hiker

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