287-Its all about the journey or is it?

285 – Adventure Expo 2024 Industry Interviews pt2

284 – Adventure Expo 2024 Industry Interviews pt1

282-Valentines Day Hiking Ideas

277-Shakedown Hikes

276-Turn Left

268-Hiking in the Australian Alps

264- Micro adventures

263- Bathing on trail

262- Arid hiking

261- Best before

260-Night Owl or Rooster; what’s your sleeping pattern?

259-Setting up a tent for hiking

258-Is age a barrier to hiking?

256-Goal setting and hiking

255-Waterproofing your pack

254-Journey towards ultralight hiking – the final chapter

250-Adventure Expo 2023; Industry Interviews pt 2

249-Adventure Expo 2023; Industry Interviews pt 1

248-Changing tastes in trail food

245-Dog Trip Sydney Guidebook: interview with the authors

244-Boots vs Trail Runners

243-Gaiters for hiking

233-Beach hiking

224-Wild camping for hikers

223-Hiking in the cold

218-Socks for hiking

217-Choosing a jacket for hiking

215-Nordic Walking

214-Wharf to Wharf Walk (NSW)

213-Pillows and hiking

212-Hammock Camping; from the trail

211-Hammock Camping; an introduction

199-Hiking and Plane Travel

198-Tent pegs for hiking

197-Urban Hiking

186-Hiking and epilepsy

185-What’s in a name?

184- Australian huts and hiking

183-Powering your hike

182-A day in the life of a long distance hiker

180-Choose your own adventure

179-Are equipment manufacturers missing the mark?

178-Luxury items and hiking

176-Considerations for choosing a hike

173-Hiking with animals

172-Guided hikes

171-Social media and hiking

170-Finding water on a hike

166-Take a Hike

163-Hiking with Injuries

161-Hiking and camping styles

159-Back country touring

158-Snowshoeing in Australia

157- Pack Training

153-Peak Bagging: the what and why

151-Stepping out again

147-Things that go bump in the night: getting a good night’s sleep

146-An update in strange times

145-Things to do when you can’t hike

142-Day Hiking-what to pack

139-Games on the trail

136-Apps for Hiking

134-Choosing a Sleeping Bag

129-Going to the toilet on the trail

125-Choosing what to bring on a hike

120-Choosing a camping site

118-Zen and the Art of Hiking

111-Freeze Dried Food

107-Fire and Hiking

106-How much does it cost to hike?

104-The History of Australian National Parks

102-Mind, Body, and Soul; the health benefits of hiking

101-Packing your fears

099-Hiking at Altitude

098-Coffee on the Trail

097-Q & A (Hiker Questions)

094-Night Hiking

091-Impacts of Long Distance Hiking

089-Eye Care and Hiking

085-Australia’s iconic Hiking Trails

084-Hiking in Hot Weather

083-Care and Maintenance of Hiking Equipment

073-Journey towards ultralight hiking revisited

072-Getting fit for hiking

071-Planning a long distance hike

068-Weather and hiking

067-Hike Your Own Hike

066-Technology on the trail-staying in touch with family and friends

063-Physical maintenance on the trail

062-Personal safety on the trail

061-Hygiene and hiking


058- Navigation on the Trail: an introduction to maps and compasses

056-How to pack a backpack

054-The future of hiking

050-Food on the trail, a beginners guide

048-Choosing a tent for hiking

044-Women in Hiking

043-How to choose and fit a Backpack

042-Snakes, ticks and spiders on the trail

041 – Hiking with Kids: Interviews from the Trail

040 – Hiking with Kids: Part 1

038 – The 10 Essentials: How relevant are they?

037 – Hiking for Beginners: 10 tips to get you started

035 – Which Light for Hiking

034 – 10 Tips for Hiking in the Rain

033 – First Aid on the Trail

032 – Interview with Fitness Guru Joe Bonington from Joe’s Basecamp

031 – Water on the Trail Part 2-Filtration

029 – Water and Hiking: How much and how to carry

028 – Layering for Comfort

027 – Transitioning to Overnight Hiking; on the Trail

026 – Transitioning to Overnight Hiking; Step by Step

025 – Which backpacking stove?

024 – Technology on the Trail: Part 1 – Personal Locator Beacons

023 – Trail Etiquette

021 – Trekking Poles: are they worth it?

019 – The Sleep System: getting a good nights sleep

017 – Solo Hiking; is 1 better than 2?

014 – Cameras: Equipment basics to improve your photography

013 – 10 Basic Photography Tips for Hikers

011 – When couples hike

010 – Why do we Hike?

008 – 14 steps to choosing new hiking shoes; a bigfoots view

007 – Leave Only Footsteps

003 – 10 Steps to planning a Safe Hike

002 – A journey towards Ultralight Hiking